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Join us in a women circle with Sandra Román

Are ancient deities supernatural or there were created by active imagination?

Carl Gustav Jung was the first studying the mythic reality inside our minds. Some of his followers developed very interesting theories that
realize gods and goddesses are archetypes, paradigmatic models beyond our consciousness. They make us to live our own epic stories
in the journey of our souls.
How Egyptian gods and goddesses can affect us, living at this particular place in the world?
How do we re-create their myths in our personal lives?
“Know yourself and you´ll know the gods”, says a sentence at the entrance of the Delphi Oracle, in Greece. Today, we can also say:
“know the gods and goddesses, so you can know better yourself”.
So… can we use those myths consciously in order to give more sense to our lives?

Sandra Román is a journalist, researcher and writer. She worked at “Clarín” and “La Nación”, the most reading newspapers from her
country, Argentina. She was specializing in Economics until she felt called by the fascination of myths in the story of human behavior.
She experienced the influence of past stories deities in her own life and she decided to research about South American and Spanish
Goddesses, following the paths of her ancestors. “Los Rostros de la Diosa” (“Faces of the Goddess”); “Diosas de Sangre y de Sol”
(Goddesses of Sun and Blood”) and “Diosas y Chamanas de la Cruz del Sur” (Goddesses and Shamanesses from the Southern Cross”)
are some of her books, published both in Argentina and Spain.
Her life is a “mythic journey” by her own, travelling and teaching about the influence of ancient stories from the lands we live, shaping
and giving sense to our lives.

Sandra can be contacted directly at: losrostrosdeladiosa@gmail.com or at 01018242002.

You can read more about Sandra here:
http://www.losrostrosdeladiosa.com/englishweb ; http://www.losrostrosdeladiosa.com/englishcv.html
Here you could find the special workshop she prepared for Egypt: http://www.losrostrosdeladiosa.com/egypt2012.html

For more information:
Maricel Flores- maricel_flores@hotmail.com / 01099292337
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