Sandra Román
Priestess of Avalon - Priestess of the Goddess Hispanna and
ChakAnna, Goddess of the Southern Cross.

Ceremonialist. Writer. Teacher. Sacred Singer. Tarot
reader. Past Lives therapist.

Sandra was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, on January 27th. 1964. She worked as a
journalist during 13 years until the Call of the Goddess brought her to Avalon, where
she was trained as a Priestess of Avalon by Kathy Jones. She was initiated at Chalice
Well in Glastonbury, England, on 2000 Autumn Equinox.

She offers two Priest/tess trainings in South America and Spain, following the Sacred
Wheels of both places of her living and the land of her ancestors.

She does an exhaustive research work about the ancient Goddesses worshiped in both
Spain and South America. She also offers Goddess online courses for Spanish and
English speakers living all over the world. She lives in Argentina, South America,
where she is creating a new Goddess Temple at Rosario, a beautiful city by the coasts
of Parana River.

Her books -
Diosas & Chamanas; Los Rostros de la Diosa; Los Rituales de la
Diosa and Diosas & Chamanas de la Cruz del Sur - were published by Editorial
Kier, well known as editors specialized in Esoterics and Spirituality in Spanish
language. Recently, she´s published
Diosas de Sangre y de Sol, with Mandala
Ediciones, from Spain.

Inspired by her Service as a "Melissa" at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, she´ve
founded the first Goddess Temple in Capilla del Monte, a powerful sacred place from
Argentina. She organized  the first Argentinean Goddess Conference at 2009,
gathering Goddess people from all over the world, honoring the Divine Feminine.

Sandra is a member of the Fellowship of Isis, founded by Lawrence and Lady Olivia
Durdin Robertson and a co-creator and a Melissa at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

Workshops in Glastonbury

July 28th to August 2nd

Workshop, Initiation and Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage and Ceremonies:
Walking the Tor Labrynth

Avebury, Silbury Hill,
West Kennet Long Barrow

Naming Ceremonies
at Chalice Well

Contact information: