PLT (Past Lives Therapy) is a powerful tool that helps us to remove blocks and obstacles
we meet in our present life. Most of them were originated in past lives traumas, but they
are acting now over us, difficulting the realization of our dreams and purposes.

This System were developed by Dr. José© Luis Cabouli from Argentina. It difference
from others because not only consist in to be conscious of the memories of past lives
traumas but finish them, freeing our soul and energies that were being trapped in them.

For the soul there is no time. What happened yesterday is still happening in our psyche
and is repeated again and again, unless we resolve conflicts and traumas that have been

Regression therapy may be done despite the person doesn´t believe in reincarnation. Our
unconscious saves valuable stories that are part of our personal myth, which reflect our
beliefs and mandates. These are the beliefs and mandates that cause many of our
symptoms and blocks, so if we can get to the root where they originate, we can modify
and, thus, re-program ourselves to live in a way much more satisfying and fulfilling.

In some cases, the regression can be performed at the time of pregnancy and birth to
dissolve feelings and sensations that may belong to the mother and not the person
consulting, because during this stage the baby receives constraints and mandates that do
not need to meet her or his life purpose. And it is also possible to recover memories of
this life that are in need of healing.

Another area of PLT is to heal ties with people who are no longer on this plane, but can
remain in the energy fields of people, due to unresolved issues originated either in this
incarnation, as in previous lives.

What is PLT? (By Jose Luis Cabouli)

"PLT (Past Life Therapy) is a technique that is transpersonal consciousness to usual
hidden traumatic experiences of this life and past lives and from the shadows of the
subconscious that are disrupting our lives today, to work them therapeutically.

Intimately PLT is a therapy for the soul because the pains are in the soul and the soul is
what you need to heal. The cause of all psychic pain, from behavior and all wrong attitude
lies in the soul.

By facilitating conscious encounter with PLT soul not only helps us to solve the pain and
emotions that disturb us in our daily lives but also helps us to understand the meaning,
the "what" and the importance of this life. "

For more information, you can apply:

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