We usually approach Tarot predictions expecting magical changes to our future. But the
true meaning of "divination" is to learn that we are the result of everything we think,
say, act and omitted. We are not "toys of destiny." In our hands lies the power to
create the life we feel we deserve to live, if only we make the decision to do so.

We are the change. We are the beings we were expecting.
We are life and we are living now.

Through the oracle cards of "The Faces of the Goddess"; Motherpeace Tarot, Mythic
Tarot and Daughters of the Moon Tarot,
I invite you to explore deeper in your heart and soul…

A Tarot Session includes:

* Reading "Portrait" with oracle cards: "The Faces of the Goddess",
by my own authorship.

* Recommendation of shamanic techniques to restore mental, physical, emotional
and / or spiritual balance

* Meditation and ritual to activate and / or heal the energies represented by
the Goddesses that appear in your reading

* Motherpeace or Celtic Cross  Readings

* Questions and answers about specific issues

* Final Guidance with Shamanic Power Deck, by Lynn Andrews.

In case of face to face readings, you can record inquiries and / or take notes.
After every reading you will be given information about the Goddess appeared in
your portrait and how to continue working with them.